Research Resources

Representatives from each of these research resources will be on-hand to speak with you and share information in the Dana Center Lobby on the day of the retreat: 
  • BioBank Services, Anne Breggia & Team, Learn More 
  • Clinical Trials Office, Krista Garrison & Team, Learn More
  • Grants & Contracts Services, Michele Locker & Colleen O'Neill, Learn More
  • Journal of Maine Medical Center, Bruce Cahill, Learn More
  • Maine Medical Center Library & Knowledge Services, Dina McKelvy, Learn More
  • Northern New England Clinical & Translational Research (CTR) Network, Ivette Emery & Tom Gridley, Learn More
  • Research Compliance Services, Elizabeth Kipp-Campbell & Team, Learn More
  • Research Navigation, Wendy Craig & Team, Learn More
  • Tufts University CTSI Program - Clinical Trials Partnerships, Tim Bilodeau, Learn More